The Phi Contour technique done in the lip area

Updated: Jan 28

What is Phi Contour Lips?

It is the ability to design semi-permanent lip makeup, where the shape is determined and calculated based on the golden ratio (Phi1.618) and the morphology of the face. Working with a special machine with lower speed and frequency, the ultra-thin needles deposit colour all over the lip area. Phi contour offers different techniques for correcting physical defects but also for highlighting contours. These are in accordance with the aesthetic rules and not always with the desire of the customers. The goal is to make corrections in colour and shape without a strong makeup effect. Semi-permanent lip makeup can be an amazing investment, which will reward you daily with healthier, more beautiful lips.

Why choose semi-permanent lip makeup?

Lip colour is a hot trend around the world that has begun to become popular in our country. More and more women are choosing semi-permanent makeup as a timesaving alternative. It is a great way to add definition, colour, and volume to your lips. This way we are ready for anywhere anytime!

How do we choose the colour we would like for our lips and with what criteria?

Lipsticks should always match the natural colour of the lips. Finding the perfect colour will depend on your existing lifestyle and what other makeup you want to wear every day. It is also important to choose the right colour for our skin tone. We will guide you depending on what suits your skin and which colours will work best for you and your skin. I always recommend "natural" lip colours, because we can always improve or change the colour of your lips at any time with conventional makeup for special occasions. For the days when you do not want a real lipstick, the "natural" colour of your lips will be your best choice. This is my opinion, but I always listen, discuss and respect the preferences of my clients.

How long does Phi Contour last on a woman's lips?

Between 2-5 years depending on how carefully the care instructions are followed during healing and after. The pigment will fade naturally, and the colour will gradually lighten.

Phi contour is applied to which lip category? Are there any restrictions?

It can be applied in all cases, to people who have lost the shape of the lips due to a bump or scar left by the herpes, to lips that have lost their contour over time, to lips that want to be visible and vivid in colour, as well as in people who want to proceed with lip augmentation and it would be good to precede the semi-permanent.

Is Phi contour a completely safe and painless procedure?

All treatments are done with sterile and disposable tools and are all opened in front of the client. An anesthetic is used in the form of a cream before the procedure and during it in the form of a gel to completely eliminate the pain during the procedure. I would not say that it is a painful procedure; it is probably the most inconvenient of the other semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Is any post-procedure care required?

When the treatment is completed, our colour is intense and vibrant. This will not stay like this since in the following days the lips begin to heal, creating a gentle peeling and leaving very natural soft tones of colour on the lips. All care instructions and products to be used are given by us and must be followed faithfully as home care plays an important role in the success of the result.

How long does it take to complete the process?

The process takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete as we need to make sure that the pigment looks uniform and the colour is flawless. The repetition is done after 5-6 weeks after it has healed, to complete the treatment, while it lasts about 1 hour.

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