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ALL ABOUT PowderBrows

PowderBrows is eyebrow shading technique performed with permanent make-up machine using the combination of dots and shading to achieve a very natural, soft powder, pixel effect. Unlike conventional permanent make-up, PowderBrows technique is building up the eyebrows with a special shading technique.

PowderBrows technique involves filling in or thickening of areas with a soft or darker color which varies in transparency. As opposed to creating microblading hairline strokes from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin gradually, ensures there are no harsh edges and shading makes the look slightly softer.

In this course you will learn the art of PowderBrows technique by utilizing a permanent make-up machine and by using proper shading needles. This course will prepare you to design, shape, and implant semi-permanent color to resemble a soft eyebrow make-up look for your clients and to create shaded brows with a subtle shadow of pixelated color, that graduates from dark to light.

With PowderBrows you will create a soft powdered effect for your clients that resembles eyebrow pencil or powder and is ideal for clients who are wanting full and defined eyebrows. This technique provides an ideal eyebrow shape through gentle shading by applying a creamy pigment into the skin. The effect is similar to highlighting using shadows, but the huge difference is that the effect remains for months. This procedure is great for all skin types but best for oily skin.

PowderBrows Advantages

  • Great for clients who prefer the make-up effect

  • Natural-looking fullness

  • Density and more of a defined look

  • For clients who have very thin or very little eyebrow hair

  • For clients who have unbalanced hair through their brows, which results in inconsistence at some parts of the brow

  • For anyone who has lost eyebrow hair due to plucking or diseases

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Suitable for oily skin

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